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Pommier Jewellers Recognizes the Success of Local Students

July 14, 2016

Pommier Jewellers celebrated the achievements of local high school graduates on Friday, July 8 with ceremonies for the 2016 Pommier Award and the 2016 Team Cornwall Bursary.

Recipients and their families gathered in Pommier Square to receive their bursaries and acknowledgement for their efforts.

The Pommier Award is given to students who have demonstrated pride in their school and themselves and owner of Pommier Jewellers, Andre Pommier said “It’s for someone who has really amped it up a notch at the end of their school career and students who really envelope together school, sports, teachers, and peers and are just proud”.

Each student received a custom-made, hand-engraved pendant with their school’s logo on it.

Char-Lan District High School recipient Emma Riddell said “It’s a cool award to win because it’s not strictly focused on grades or sports and is more about everything together and I’m happy I got it”.

Following the Pommier Award ceremony, bursaries for Team Cornwall were handed out by members of Team Cornwall, including Pommier and Chair, Peter Gault.

The $500 bursary is awarded to graduating students who demonstrate leadership and a sense of community and encourages them to become ambassadors for the city of Cornwall as they continue their education.

Gault said “This bursary is growing our ambassadors for tomorrow and it’s rewarding kids for doing great in school, but not just academically. There’s more emphasis on participation in the school, being leaders and making it a better place”.

The bursary is in its sixth year and continues to grow, not only increasing in value but also expanding to more schools with the addition of St. Matthew’s last year and T.R. Leger this year.

Recipient Taylor Beitz from Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School will be attending the University of Minnesota in the fall on a soccer scholarship and said “This bursary is allowing me to pursue my future aspirations and will add a little bit more comfort to my everyday living”.

She added “I’ll be moving really far away from Cornwall but I’m looking forward to coming back and visiting in the summers and regardless of where I end up, Cornwall will always be home to me”.

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Recipients for the 2016 Pommier Award are: Isabelle Maheau (La Citadelle), Amanda Nurse (St. Joseph’s), Emma Riddell (Char-Lan), Christine Brabant (St. Matthew’s), Alexandra Jasiewicz (CCVS), Ashley Bergeron and Brandon Brown (SLSS), Melodie Rovette (Holy Trinity), Alex Winter (RO), Rebeka Elderbroom (L’Heritage), and Karli Archambault (Tagwi).

Team Cornwall’s bursaries were awarded to: Faruzaa Amit (St. Joseph’s), Taylor Beitz (Holy Trinity), Alexandra Jasiewicz (CCVS), Gabby O’Byrne (SLSS), Cynthia Lovejoy (St. Matthew’s), Emmerson Baxtrom (L’Heritage), Alix Marcil (La Citadelle), and Staci-Ann Rochon (TR Leger).


Story and Photo Curtsey of: Cornwall Seaway News

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